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On warm toast with nut butter. Or a scone

Spread yuzu & strawberry jelly on top of your favourite nut butter. Or add a dollop on a scone with cream. Sharp, creamy, sweet, salty, zesty all at once.

In Greek yoghurt

Add a spoonful of yuzu jelly to Greek yoghurt or any plain yoghurt. Those live probiotics will thank you.

With ice cream

Add a base layer of yuzu & raspberry jelly in a coupe before filling it with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. A decadent surprise awaits.

In salad dressing

Create a mixture of yuzu & strawberry jelly, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Perfect summer salad dressing. Especially for those seeking a lighter but zestier alternative to balsamic dressing.

On chicken liver pâté

Glaze a thin layer of yuzu & raspberry jelly onto chicken liver pâté. The jelly’s sharpness will only highlight the savoury.

With cheese and biscuits

Soft and creamy cow’s milk cheese pairs extremely well with yuzu jelly. Think of Brie, Camembert and Stilton.