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About us

Bridging one home. To another

Namdo is the nickname of Jeolla-Namdo Province, the granary of Korea. I would spend endless school breaks there as a child. Secluded by an alpine ridge, its vast plains and rivers stretch out to the sea. It is where the unspoiled land meets the jagged coast dotted with 2,000 islands.

We bring its prized citrus, yuzu, to you. 

Yuzu. A personal journey

Yuzu brings back fond memories. I rememeber ice cold yuzu-ades under the scorching summer sun. And soothing honey yuzu teas on snowy winter nights. I wanted to bring back small reminders of them to my new home in the UK.

Yuzu sourcing isn’t straightforward. It can’t be commercially farmed as the small orchards sit along the rugged coastline. Moreover, typical supplier relationships have been forged over generations.

Fortunately, my father comes from a seaside village renowned for its yuzu orchards. His childhood friends are part of the yuzu farmers co-op to this day. I’m grateful to be able to share their fruits with you.