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Yuzu. Not lemon. Never lime.

Our yuzu seltzers contain 4% raw yuzu juice. That’s a whopping 13ml per can.

Unsweetened and only 4 calories per can. Absolutely free of sugar or stevia.

Yuzu beverages have grown in popularity. But did you know most use a lime base with yuzu flavouring? We don't use a single drop of lemon or lime juice or rely on yuzu flavouring. Our base ingredients are raw yuzu juice and yuzu zest extract.

Yuzu is a major source of two particular flavonoids shown to reduce skin inflammation and modulate the immune system. There has been renewed focus on these from the science community recently.

My favourite water substitute used to be a ‘yuzu’ and lime seltzer. Now I realise it was basically lime. I still like lime. But I love yuzu.

Oliver P. Aberdeen, UK

One of my better e-commerce purchases during lockdown. Sansu’s yuzu and cucumber seltzers taste fresh from the garden. Utterly thirst quenching.​

Sonali D.​ Aberystwyth, UK

Obsessed with yuzu juice, yuzu cocktails, yuzu sorbet, yuzu cheese cake, yuzu mochi, yuzu candles, yuzu everything..but yuzu with cherry blossom? Crazy stuff. It works.​

Hassan E. ​London, UK