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Artisan yuzu jellies.
Handcrafted in the Yorkshire Dales.
Made with the finest yuzu juice on earth.

Our yuzu jellies are made by hand in small batches. They’re pulp free for lightness and versatility. We don’t add any concentrates, flavourings, preservatives or synthetic setting agents.

The inspiration to create yuzu jellies happened over coffee with a Parisian friend. We were sat at a McDonald's in Seoul one late evening. She had been on the lookout for a yuzu jelly to spread on buttered toast. Or to plump up her cheeseboard. Mon amie, this is for you.

Our family gets through a
ridiculous amount of jams and
jellies. Our go to flavours rarely
changed until yuzu & raspberry
jelly came along. I’ll happily
spend less on wine.

Sam S. Manchester, UK

I’ve started to notice more yuzu
products on the shelves. But
never did I expect to see it
wiggling in a jar. Peanut butter
and yuzu jelly has become our
kids’ favourite.

Katarina J. London, UK

I don’t even remember how I
used to choose jams. I was just
on auto pilot going back to the
same old brands. After a
mouthful of yuzu & strawberry
jelly, I’m taking back control.

Charlie B. Bristol, UK