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Consuming probiotics on their own is like trying to grow a rose garden in the Sahara.


Shozu are yuzu based sparkling prebiotics. They provide the nourishment probiotics require.

We’ve obsessed about digestive and immunity health. As a result, probiotic foods such as kefir, kimchi and kombucha have flown off the shelves. But is this it?

Probiotics in fermented foods can greatly improve our gut health. But probiotics alone are of little use. They require constant nourishment by prebiotics to play their critical role in our digestive health.

I did a double medical PhD on prebiotics and gut microflora. This stuff is legit and tastes bonkers. Shozu yuzu prebiotics should be consumed for pleasure and heath.​

Richard M​. Somerset, UK

I have a been there, done that attitude to food trends. Yuzu isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay. If only more brands used it properly. A drink with 7% yuzu juice is unheard of.​

Farah B​. London, UK

Love ume plums, especially salt pickled umeboshi. But they’re not an easy find. Shozu’s yuzu and ume prebiotic is at once refreshing and indulging. My third case this month.​

Noriko N.​ Edinburgh, UK